By the pond

The easy peace of apathy is a strong pull. Tempting to follow it and stay there, much harder to climb against it, and it is a long and arduous climb. Myself and many of my activist friends, feel tired. January perhaps, short days in the north.

When we look around…

BananaDNA — Distortrait#1, self portrait of the artist aged 43 years

I feel lost online and it’s not like I don’t have a presence. It feels like too much. Multiple social media accounts, online businesses, ‘creator’ and ‘career’ support platforms etc etc., pedalling myself, my skills and art.

The reality perhaps, is only a few, thin lines. Like the Mycorrhizal network…

The fallen pine tree, November 2021, Santarem, Portugal

I have mixed feelings about COP26, seeing both the positive and negative from the outcomes. Clearly not enough was committed to, to keep us at or below the 1.5oC the planet needs, however resolve to return annually with progress and more ambition is important. Sadly, key countries returned immediately to…

Michelle Furtado

Artist, activist and Director

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